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At 9:00 am, our Adult Sunday School hour begins with a time of missionary updates and public prayer by our leadership. We then spend the remainder of our time in an outline survey of a book in the New Testament downstairs in our Fellowship Hall. Come and join us!


For those who have preschoolers up to children in the third grade, we provide opportunities for children to learn a Bible memory verse, a Bible song, and a Bible story & lesson appropriate for their level of understanding in a separate class. We do, however, believe that parents should reinforce biblical instruction learned on Sunday with their children during weekly family devotions. Therefore, they should strive to include their school-age children with them in the various Sunday services. They can thus begin to teach them, by precept and example, to respectfully attend to public worship in the presence of God and actively listen to God’s Word as it is explained. We believe this strengthens families when worked at together under God’s grace.


At 10:00 am is our Coffee Fellowship Break before the start of our morning service. This is a great time to experience that “koinonia” (or “fellowship of the saints”) spoken of in Scripture and ask any questions regarding the Sunday School lesson or previous service.


Our bulletin with the order of service.


At 10:30 am we begin our Sunday Morning Worship. We have public Scripture readings followed by prayer regarding what we have heard. We enjoy congregational singing of the hymns throughout our service and provide an opportunity to give to the Lord’s work in our tithes and offerings. We conclude the latter portion of our service with an expository Scripture lesson and close with a prayer of thanksgiving to our Sovereign God.


Each Sunday of this year, we reflect on the poetic beauty of the hymns of Isaac Watts, the father of English hymnody.


After the morning service, many of us stay to enjoy a potluck meal and fellowship together until the start of our Sunday Afternoon Study at 3:00 pm. This, too, is a great time to connect with others to encourage and build them up in the faith. It also gives us more opportunities to ask questions about what the Scriptures teach.


We are currently working through a twelve-part DVD series on The Puritans. See the official trailer below.

PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God | Official Trailer from Media Gratiae.

We’re seeking to “grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ” by building up our understanding of certain biblical truths and their interconnectedness with other doctrines throughout Scripture. Come and grow with us!


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Scripture Reflection

Psalm 90:2
2 Before the mountains were brought forth, Or ever You had formed the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.

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