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Front cover of The Christian Life Hymnal by Hendrickson Worship
The Christian Life Hymnal
–Hendrickson Worship

At Grace, we cherish the precious hymns of our faith and believe they should still be sung in the church as a form of public praise and worship to our sovereign Lord and Savior. We desire to intentionally sing unto Him — singing out with much joy and thanksgiving as informed by the rich doctrinal truths of redemption revealed in God’s Word.

Moses taught the children of Israel to focus their singing upon God and His redemptive acts (Exodus 15). The melody is long-forgotten, but the words remain as Scripture forever. In this first recorded song in the Bible, God thus emphasizes to all generations what is vital and abiding to proper worship in His presence.

All our congregational singing, then, is to be Christ-centered, Word-driven, and God-pleasing. Sadly, this is being lost in today’s church. Much of what passes for music worship is man-centered, feelings-driven, and predominantly satisfying to self.** We spend a lifetime, as born-again Christians, learning to conquer selfish desires through God’s Word and by His Spirit. We must learn to crucify the flesh–even in our singing (Romans 8:5-8, 13). 

We have a beautiful grand piano that is played well each Sunday morning and have room, as the Lord directs us, to add other appropriate instruments such as an acoustic guitar, a violin, or cello. The sheet music in our Accompanist Edition is written for both piano and guitar, and our Pew Edition has the standard SATB format in over 600 beloved hymns and praise songs. There is nothing more beautiful on earth or in heaven than to hear the saints–as a congregation–break into harmonic parts when singing the old hymns of the faith. We long for that day to return!

Christian music artist Steve Green has well said:

“For centuries, the church has relied on hymns as a source of doctrinal instruction. In recent years, new songs of praise have filled our churches, giving voice to hearts yearning to express worship. The Christian Life Hymnal gathers all of these musical expressions of redemption and faith together in a new volume for today’s church.”

–Steve Green, recording artist and author

If you love the precious hymns of our faith, come and join us in publicly lifting up your voice to God our great Savior and King.

**Watch “Why your Church Shouldn’t Play Bethel and Hillsong Music” below for more information as to why we sing from the hymnal.


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Scripture Reflection

Romans 10:5
5 For Moses writes about the righteousness which is of the law, “The man who does those things shall live by them.”

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