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Pastor Jeff & Nydia Black

Pastor Jeff & Nydia Black were married in 1986 and have six adult children and two grandsons. The two of them met while serving overseas in the USAF and tied the knot in the picturesque market town of Huntingdon, UK–rich in history and birthplace of the famous 17th-century soldier and statesman “Lord Protector” Oliver Cromwell.

Heeding the call to the ministry shortly after marriage, Jeff left the Air Force to attend International Baptist College in Arizona while Nydia remained on duty assignment at nearby Luke Air Force Base. After college, the two of them spent 18 years at Cornerstone Church in Mesa, Arizona, involved in every aspect of ministry under the leadership and guidance of Dr. James E. Adams.

In 2007, Jeff stepped away from retail business full-time to actively pursue a pastorate in which to fulfill God’s call. While doing so, he also began working with a local mission organization in a managerial role whose missionaries were based throughout Europe and in Africa.  He later assisted their sister organization for a time as an operations director and board member. During this time, Jeff was busily engaged in an itinerant preaching and teaching ministry in the area churches.

In 2011, Jeff & Nydia were accepted as home missionaries with Village Missions of Dallas, Oregon which focuses on rural ministry in the oft-forgotten places throughout the U.S. and in Canada. They arrived at Grace with their family a few days after Christmas 2011. Both are passionate about ministering to the needs of the church and the community.

When he is not preparing for Sunday services, doing yard work, playing with the grandkids, or fixing broken things, Pastor Jeff enjoys taking online classes at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an avid reader of church history and has a deep interest in eschatological interpretation. Most afternoons, he is in the office next to the church in the “little house.” If you’d like to sit down and discuss the Scriptures with him or just grab a cup of coffee and hang out, leave a message on the church answering system or send an email to pastorjeffblack@gmail.com.

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