Our Pastor

Pastor Jeff & Nydia Black

Pastor Jeff & Nydia Black were married overseas in 1986 while serving in the USAF. They have six adult children and two grandsons. After the Air Force and Bible college, the two of them spent 18 years at Cornerstone Church in Mesa, Arizona, involved in every aspect of ministry under the capable leadership and guidance of Dr. James E. Adams.

In 2007, Jeff stepped away from retail business to actively pursue a pastorate in which to fulfill God’s call. He served two mission organizations in managerial roles while engaged in itinerant preaching and teaching ministries in local churches.

In 2011, Jeff & Nydia became missionaries with Village Missions of Dallas, Oregon. They have served at Grace since 2011. Both are passionate about ministering to the needs of the church and the community.

When he is not preparing for Sunday services, doing yard work, playing with the grandkids, or fixing broken things, Pastor Jeff enjoys taking online classes at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an avid reader of church history and has a deep interest in eschatological interpretation. Most afternoons, he is in the office next to the church in the “little house.” If you’d like to sit down and discuss the Scriptures with him, share prayer concerns, or just grab a cup of coffee and hang out, leave a message on the church answering system or send an email to graceinhalsey@gmail.com.

Our Deacons & Bookkeeper

As of December 2, 2018, our voting members elected two deacons, Max Doner and Aric Wardian, to assist in caring for the needs of the body and the maintenance of our church facilities. We also remain very thankful for the positive, hard work that our bookkeeper, Debra Glaser, puts in each week to serve the Lord in the area of church finances.

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Verse of the Week

Zechariah 8:3
“Thus says the LORD:
‘I will return to Zion,
And dwell in the midst of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem shall be called
the City of Truth,
The Mountain of the LORD of hosts,
The Holy Mountain.’”

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