Oct 25, 2020: Here are the hymns we sang on Sunday morning as we publicly worshipped our Sovereign Lord as a church body.

Use them in your devotions. As you read and reflect upon the Scriptures, sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord! And humbly give thanks to God in prayer for His daily mercy and grace to you.


From this man’s seed (David), according to the promise,
God raised up for Israel a Savior—Jesus. (Acts 13:33)

1. Come, Thou long-expected Jesus,
born to set Thy people free;
from our fears and sins release us,
let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel’s strength and consolation,
hope of all the earth Thou art;
dear desire of ev’ry nation,
joy of ev’ry longing heart.

2. Born Thy people to deliver,
born a Child and yet a King,
born to reign in us forever,
now Thy gracious Kingdom bring.
By Thine own eternal Spirit,
rule in all our hearts alone;
by Thine all sufficient merit,
raise us to Thy glorious throne.


ONE DAY #150
When we were yet without strength,
in duet time Christ died for the ungodly. (Rom 5:6)

1. One day when heaven was filled with His praises,
one day when sin was as black as could be,
Jesus came forth to be born of a virgin,
dwelt among men my example is He!

Living He loved me, dying He saved me,
buried He carried my sins far away;
rising He justified freely forever:
One day He’s coming, O glorious day!

2. One day they led Him up Calvary’s mountain,
one day they nailed Him to die on the tree;
suffering anguish, despised and rejected,
bearing our sins, my Redeemer is He! [To REFRAIN]|

3. One day they left Him alone in the garden,
one day He rested, from suffering free;
angels came down o’er His tomb to keep vigil
hope of the hopeless, my Savior is He! [To REFRAIN]

4. One day the grave could conceal Him no longer,
one day the stone rolled away from the door;
then He arose, over death He had conquered,
now is ascended, my Lord evermore! [To REFRAIN]

5. One day the trumpet will sound for His coming,
one day the skies with His glory will shine;
wonderful day, my beloved ones bringing!
Glorious Savior, this Jesus is mine! [To REFRAIN to end]


Then [the Samaritans] said to the woman, “Now we believe,
not because of what you said, for we ourselves have heard Him
and we know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world.” (Jn 4:42)

1. “Man of Sorrows!” What a name
for the Son of God, who came
ruined sinners to reclaim!
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

2. Bearing shame and scoffing rude,
in my place condemned He stood;
sealed my pardon with His blood:
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

3. Guilty, vile, and helpless we;
spotless Lamb of God was He;
full atonement! Can it be?
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

4. Lifted up was He to die,
“It is finished,” was His cry,
now in heav’n exalted high:
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

5. When He comes, our glorious King,
all His ransomed home to bring,
then anew this song we’ll sing:
Hallelujah, what a Savior!


And this I pray, that your love may abound
still more and more in knowledge and all discernment. (Php 1:9)

1. More love to Thee, O Christ,
more love to Thee!
Hear Thou the prayer I make
on bended knee.
This is my earnest plea:
More love, O Christ to Thee,
more love to Thee,
more love to Thee!

2. Once earthly joy I craved,
sought peace and rest;
now Thee alone I seek;
give what is best.
This all my prayer shall be:
More love, O Christ to Thee,
more love to Thee,
more love to Thee!

3. Then shall my latest breath
whisper Thy praise;
this be the parting cry
my heart shall raise.
This still its prayer shall be:
More love, O Christ to Thee,
more love to Thee,
more love to Thee!


GUIDE ME, O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH, #413 (Afternoon Study)
The LORD will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your  ones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. (Isa 58:11)

1. Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah,
pilgrim through this barren land.
I am weak, but Thou art mighty;
hold me with Thy pow’rful hand.
Bread of Heaven,
Bread of Heaven,
feed me till I want no more,
feed me till I want no more.

2. Open now the crystal fountain,
whence the healing stream doth flow;
let the fire and cloudy pillar
lead me all my journey through.
Strong Deliv’rer,
Strong Deliv’rer,
be Thou still my strength and shield;
be Thou still my strength and shield.

3. When I tread the verge of Jordan,
bid my anxious fears subside;
death of death and hell’s destruction,
land me safe on Caa-nan’s side.
Songs of praises,
songs of praises,
I will ever give to Thee;
I will ever give to Thee.

Verse of the Week

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

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