January 23, 2022: Here are the hymns we sang on Sunday morning as we publicly worshiped our Sovereign Lord as a church body.

Use them in your devotions. As you read and reflect upon the Scriptures, sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord! And humbly give thanks to God in prayer for His daily mercy and grace to you.


Let heaven and earth praise Him,
The seas and everything that moves in them.
(Psalm 69:34)

1. All creatures of our God and King,
lift up your voice and with us sing,
Al-le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia!
Thou burning sun with golden beam,
thou silver moon with softer gleam:

O praise Him, O praise Him!
Al-le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia!

2. Thou rushing wind that art so strong,
ye clouds that sail in heav’n along,
O praise Him, Al-le-lu-ia!
Thou rising morn, in praise rejoice;
ye lights of evening, find a voice! [To REFRAIN]

3. Thou flowing water, pure and clear,
make music for thy Lord to hear,
Al-le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia!
Thou fire so masterful and bright,
that givest us both warmth and light: [To REFRAIN]

4. All ye who are of tender heart,
forgiving others, take your part.
Al-le-lu-ia! Al-le-lu-ia!
Ye who long pain and sorrow bear,
praise God and on Him cast your care! [ To REFRAIN]

5. And Thou, most kind and gentle death,
waiting to hush our latest breath,
O praise Him, Al-le-lu-ia!
Thou leadest home the child of God,
and Christ our Lord the way hath trod: [To REFRAIN to end]


I have been crucified with Christ;
it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.
(Galatians 2:20a)

1. King of my life, I crown Thee now,
Thine shall the glory be;
lest I forget Thy thorn-crowned brow,
lead me to Calvary.

Lest I forget Gethsemane;
lest I forget Thine agony;
lest I forget Thy love for me,
lead me to Calvary.

2. Show me the tomb where Thou wast laid,
tenderly mourned and wept;
angels in robes of light arrayed
guarded Thee whilst Thou slept. [To REFRAIN]

3. Let me like Mary through the gloom,
come with a gift to Thee;
show to me now the empty tomb,
lead me to Calvary. [To REFRAIN]

4. May I be willing, Lord, to bear
daily my cross for Thee;
even Thy cup of grief to share,
Thou hast borne all for me. [To REFRAIN to end]


And this I pray, that your love may abound
still more and more in knowledge and all discernment.
(Philippians 1:9)

1. More love to Thee, O Christ, more love to Thee!
Hear Thou the prayer I make on bended knee.
This is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ, to Thee,
more love to Thee, more love to Thee!

2. Once earthly joy I craved, sought peace and rest;
now Thee alone I seek; give what is best.
This all my prayer shall be: More love, O Christ, to Thee,
more love to Thee, more love to Thee!

3. Then shall my latest breath whisper Thy praise;
this be the parting cry my heart shall raise.
This still its prayer shall be: More love, O Christ, to Thee,
more love to Thee, more love to Thee!


But the LORD is the true God;
He is the living God and the everlasting King.
At His wrath the earth will tremble,
And the nations will not be able to endure His indignation.
(Jeremiah 10:10)

1. Lead on, O king eternal, the day of march has come;
henceforth in fields of conquest Thy tents shall be our home;
through days of preparation Thy grace has made us strong,
and now, O King eternal, we lift our battle song.

2. Lead on, O King eternal, till sin’s fierce war shall cease,
and holiness shall whisper the sweet “Amen” of peace;
for not with swords loud clashing, nor roll of stirring drums,
but deeds of love and mercy, the heav’nly kingdom comes.

3. Lead on, O King eternal; we follow, not with fears;
for our gladness breaks like morning where’er Thy face appears.
Thy cross is lifted o’er us; we journey in its light;
the crown awaits the conquest; lead on, O God of might!


MY JESUS, I LOVE THEE #61 (Afternoon Study)
So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter,
“Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?”
(John 21:15a)

1. My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine;
for Thee, all the follies of sin I resign;
my gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou;
if ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.

2. I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me,
and purchased my pardon on Calvary’s tree;
I love Thee for wearing the thorns on Thy brow;
if ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.

3. I’ll love Thee in life, I will love Thee in death,
I’ll ever adore Thee in heaven so bright;
and singing Thy praises, before Thee I’ll bow;
if ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.


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Scripture Reflection

Jude 1:3

3 Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

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